My brother Michi married his queen Rebbeca on Rosh Chodesh Nissan 2021. This was the blessing I gave them under the chupah.

An Israeli pop star, a Kabbalistic teacher in Nachlaot and a 19th century Chassidic Rebbe walk into a bar. They each order a drink to toast Becks and Michi.

The pop star, whose a little French, orders a classic Bordeaux and starts his lechaim with a line we say in davening 3 times every day.

משיב הרוח ומוריד הגשם

The literal meaning is ‘He makes the wind blow and the rain fall.’ But the word משיב means both blow and ‘to return’, and the word הרוח means both wind and spirit/soul. …

Get started with Python — one of the easiest to learn and most powerful programming languages.

If you’re like me, you’re probably sitting at home in the freezing cold contemplating how whether or not you actually had a social life pre-Corona or perhaps it was all an illusion. Instead of watching Netflix and baking yet-another sourdough loaf, why not use this as an opportunity to learn useful skills that can be used to turbo-charge your career?

Learning how to write code is one skill that could come in very useful across a number of disciplines. Writing code is not only for software engineers. Whether you work in marketing, sales, analysis or any other role, knowing how…

These short posts were inspired and are in honor of the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z’tzl. His own life was transformed when the Lubavitcher Rebbe z’tzl brought out the leader in him and set in motion his becoming one of the luminaries of our generation. He, in turn, spent his entire career crafting leaders with the power of his oratory and the beauty of his writings. Through his Covenant and Conversation series, he spoke to both the internal journey of the Jewish people as individuals and as a nation and the moral challenges of the moment. …

How Blockchain Could Ensure that The Dividends of Data Are Enjoyed By All, Not Just Big Tech

When the dot-com bubble came crashing down, it left many once-hyped internet companies completely decimated and caused people to question whether the internet would ever live up to its billing. Those that survived wasted no time in banding together to showcase by holding annual conversations around ‘the web as a platform’ as part of the Web2.0 summit.

The second generation of the internet was born.

According to O’Reilly, the Web2.0 summit’s founders, the principle that would guide the internet as it grew into the first decade of the 21st century would be:

The value of the software is proportional to…

A Look At the Scaling Technique That Is Transforming Blockchain

Sharding — the process of splitting up a large computing load into smaller, manageable pieces — is widely used in traditional database technologies as a means of scaling storage capacity exponentially. The blockchain industry is actively exploring sharding as a technique to scale. This article will explore the background of sharding, the potential it has to scale blockchains, and the challenges facing developer communities looking to implement sharding.

Every student of mathematics has learned this tactic of partitioning data into small chunks in order to make a problem easier to solve. In computer science terminology, the process of splitting up…

How Blockchain can help prevent a repeat of the Great Recession and create a more inclusive, prosperous global economy.

The cyclical nature of financial markets seems inevitable.

Booms are followed by busts when the economy struggles to keep pace with skyrocketing asset valuations and investors are forced to readjust their expectations. Busts are followed by booms as the quality companies which survived the downturn and continued to add value begin to flourish in economic climates more conducive to consumer spending.

And so the sequences continue — expansion followed by recession followed by yet another expansion.

However, the story of the 2008 financial crisis is not one of nature taking its course. Rather, it is a tale of broken trust…

To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour. (William Blake)

What you think you become. Your vibe attracts your tribe. The law of attraction. Tracht gut vit zein gut.

Whether you’re a hipster yuppie in your mid-20s, a middle-aged suburban mother of four, a chasidic Jew or a Buddhist monk, your tradition speaks of the power of thought to construct your reality in the most literal way.

While the power of a ‘don’t worry, be happy’ mindset is stressed to us from an early age, we are rational, sophisticated human beings unmoved by the dogmatic approach our parents’ generation. …

The beautiful side of crypto: Part 2

When Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled his blockchain creation to the world, it was the birth of not just a new technology but a new movement. Blockchain, together with smart contract technology, gives billions of people autonomy in shaping their financial systems and digital universes. The internet, which began as a movement to democratize information, has come under the control of Big Tech and their data oligopoly. Many frustrated digital consumers, particularly the younger generations, have been captivated by the promise of a decentralized internet giving power back to the people. As the potential of blockchain gained traction, so did the quest…

This latest 9-month bear market has brought out the uglier side of human nature, as competing factions within the crypto community hurl accusations and insults at one another on social media with increasing vitriol. During these tense times, it is easy to zoom into the petty squabbles and lose sight of the majestic vista of opportunity that lies ahead for cryptocurrencies. While cryptocurrencies could be viewed as a luxury for those of us in stable democracies with well-functioning legacy financial systems, Bitcoin could mean the difference between survival and starvation for citizens of hyperinflationary economies.

When Satoshi released his whitepaper…

David (Dudu) Azaraf

Crypto chassid musing on Torah, technology and the intersection that lies between. Ancient wisdom📜 for a futuristic generation 🤖.

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